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Iron Foundry

Contribute to Iron Foundry, Here's How!

We've been asked a few times, "what's the quickest, easiest and fastest way to get the code, build it and contribute back to Iron Foundry?" Here's a quick start for doing just that.

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Iron Foundry

Open PaaS for Enterprise Devs - A free session at the Cloud Connect Conference

Open PaaS for Enterprise Devs - A free session at the Cloud Connect Conference, Wed Feb 15, Santa Clara Hyatt Room G

This free session at the Cloud Connect conference is for anyone who wants to learn how open PaaS is enabling enterprise developers. It’s also an ideal opportunity for an informal meet-up of anyone in the Cloud Foundry community interested in deploying PaaS behind the firewall.

Cloud Foundry’s James Watters and Jared Wray from the Iron Foundry team at Tier 3 team up to share insights, best practices and how to’s–with good info for both developers and infrastructure architects. You’ll hear an update on Open PaaS services including Cloud Foundry and why now is the right for IT Ops to transform their thinking from VMs to apps and services. You’ll learn why PaaS may be the best bet yet for quickly enabling Devs with access to the latest technologies for a more agile enterprise. And, we’ll share best practices tips and tricks from  real experiences deploying PaaS on a public cloud that can be applied today in your private cloud environment.    Our hands-on PaaS demos will include:

  • How an Open PaaS can free-up enterprise  to support “any” language in their dev environments: We’ll  deploy  a multi-tier application with Node.js, .NET WCF, and PHP or Java as the front end.
  • How to scale and consume services with PaaS:  we’ll show how to leverage PaaS to scale the application layer while enabling custom, consumable enterprise services

Want to join the free session (and stop by to get some good swag on the Expo Floor) Simply register yourself on the Cloud Connect site for a Free Expo Pass (use priority code CPNACC95). If you are interested in joining the whole conference, that code will get you a 25% discount.

See you in Santa Clara!

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